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Glen Coutts, President
About InSEA
A welcome message from the President of InSEA

As a presenter or delegate at this important InSEA (International Society for Education through Art), Regional Congress, I sincerely hope you will join use in the largest Society for education through art in the world, if you are not already a member!

InSEA is a partner organisation of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and we advocate for education through art as a means of fostering values and disciplines essential for the full intellectual, emotional and social development of human beings in all nations throughout the world.

The origins of the Society follow the philosophies of Sir Herbert Read and other internationally respected philosophers, scholars and art educators, who, in reflecting upon the horrors of World War II, recognised the importance of nurturing youth to become empathetic human beings. The founders of InSEA believed that, through the arts, people might come to experience and understand the value of cultural diversity and think critically, analytically and creatively about complex sociocultural issues.

Through the ability to look at difficult problems through the lens of others, creative individuals may identify and begin to apply appropriate solutions to complex intellectual, social, cultural, environmental and geo-political problems. Whilst it is common for artists to work across many disciplines and deploy a variety of media in making art and educational experiences through art, our focus is primarily in the area of visual art, rather than dance, drama or music.

Our Society, your Society, encourages artistic connections across nations for artists, educators and students at all levels. Or work embraces the formal sectors (schools, colleges, universities) and equally importantly, the informal sectors of, for example, community, socially engaged and activist art-based research and interventions. We strive to break down barriers of stereotypical understandings, by collaborating with one another on mutually relevant issues, for example, promoting meetings, congresses, competitions or exhibitions we also support art exchanges (in digital and/or traditional forms), within and across nations.

The arts remind us of our humanity by keeping us hopeful, easing our sense of loneliness, and focusing our attentions on things that really matter, such as ethical, creative interactions with one another and the natural world. By advocating for education through art, InSEA aims to promote peace and sustainability in society. If you are a member, thank you for registering for this Congress – I am sure you will enjoy it! If you are not yet a member, I look forward to welcoming you soon, join us at


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